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Friday, June 4, 2010


chapter 01. meaning dajjal and ya'juj wa-ma'juj

dajjal mentioned to recurrent in hadits, while ya'juj wa-ma'juj bot only mentioned in hadits, but also in al-qur'an. and this the time second the appearance relateds with go down it al-masih.

word dajjal come from word dajala, mean, cover (a certain). dictionary lisanul-'arab propose several why called dajjal opinions.
follow a opinion, he is called dajjal because he is liar that cover truth with meanness. another opinion engata,
because he covers earth with big the number. third opinion says, because he covers human with paganism. fourth, because he is widespread and cover entire earth.

opinion other say, that is dajjal that is nation distribute goods the merchandise to whole world, mean, cover world with
the merchandise goods. there also opinion that say, that he menjuluki dajjal because say matters oppose against the heart,
mean, he covers purpose actually with faked words.

word ya'juj and ma juj come from word ajja or ajij in wazan yaf'ul; word ajij mean flame. but word ajja mean also asra'a, the meaning cracks on. that's meaning as described in dictionary lisanul-'arab. ya'juj wa-ma'juj can also be allegorized as fire burn.

chapter 02. dajjal and ya'juj wa-ma'juj follow al-qur'an

word dajjal not as described in al-qur'an, but in hadits valid explained, that is ten first verses and ten latest verses from mail al-kahfi protects person from the slander dajjal, so to follow hadits this, al-quran signal siapakah dajjal that.

hit matter this explained in book hadits very valid as follows:

" whoever learns ten mail first verses al-kahfi, he congratulation from (the slander) dajjal. "

" whoever reads ten latest verses from mail al-kahfi, he congratulation from (the slander) dajjal. "

perhaps, in called ten first verses and ten latest verses, that is that aimed entire mails al-kahfi that describe christian threat beraspek two, one has religious, and other has mundane. read ten first verses and ten mail latest verses al-kahfi, you will see seterang-terang that that talked about in two that places ummat christian.

at first elaborated religious aspect, during the time prophet muhammad said as one who gives general warning to all human (verse 2), then said as one who gives special warning to ummat christian (verse 4), that is ummat that say that allah picks man child. the above is true the sound:

" all praise belongs to allah that demote book to hamba-. . . , expecting him to give warning about terrible torture from menga…

and he warns people who says that allah picks man child. " (18: 1-4).

that very clearly is that aimed by verse ummat christian, the religion main teachings has man child. in ten mail latest verses al-kahfi is elaborated seterang--terang, that is ummat christian achieves brilliant result at worldly field.

the above is true the sound:

" is ones unbeliever estimate that them take hamba-, as patron besides i? … say to what us eritahu to you are people who most lost the deed? (that is) one who lost the way in world life, and they estimate ahwa they are one who has skill in make goods. " (18: 102-104).

this description about western nations that forecasted with clear words. make goods skill and ebanggaan

ummat christian, and ciri-khas this aimed by verse. they are berlomba- race makes goods, and they are so busy datam this affair, so that their sight tall life values, be blurred absolutely. make barang--barang, once

again make goods, only their alive aim at world. so, ten first verses and ten mail latest verses al-ahfi explains clearly christian teachings the danger about allah son, and about christian nations activity at matter field, and this meant with the slander dajjal.

ya'juj wa-ma'juj elaborated twice in al-quran. first elaborated in mail al-kahfi, sehubungan descriptively about description dajjal. approach berakhimya mail al-kahfi, elaborated about king trip dhul-qarnain* to various direction to brace tapal-batas the kingdom.

obvious that follow history, this king king persi that nameds darius i. explained in mail, that his trip is

first, end at black sea. " until when he achieve end most west, he see sun sunk in black muddy source. " (18: 86). obvious that is that meant black muddy source black sea.

furthermore elaborated in mail, his trip story is easterly" until when does he achieve place bitnya sun, he see sunrise above class not we give protection from (sun) that" (18: 90). furthermore elaborated about his trip to north. " until when does he achieve (a place) between two hills" (18: 93).

meant two hill ridges arme-nia and azarbaijan. on the way to north this, king dhul-qarnain meet with a class that differ the language, mean, they have no idea of language persi. class this apply to king dhul-oarnain as follows: " alas dhul-qarnain! actually ya'juj wa-ma'juj that make damage under the sun. may us pay tribute to you, on condition that like you build a hindrance between we and they" (18: 94).

furthermore al-qur'an explain, that king dhul-qarnain genuinely build a tembok** and sehubungan with that, al-qur'an

menyebut-nyebut iron and copper upon which to build gateway:

" give me iron stack, until when does (iron) that fulfil room between two hills, he says: 'bring will toes copper liquid that kutuang at on it' (18: 96). in verse 97 explained, that when does that wall finished, they (ya'juj wa-ma'juj) not can climb that, and not can also stave that. in verse 98, king dhul-qarnain explain, that is however the strong, this wall only advantageous until a given time period, and final this wall will collapse. then we shall be aimed to other event. " and on that, we shall let a part they (ya'juj wa-ma'juj) will give to oppose a part other" (18: 99).

[kata dhul-qarnain the original meaning" has two horns" , but can mean also" one who rule two generations" , or, " one who

rule two kingdom. this latest meaning is given by traveller big ibnu jarir. in old testament, prophet book daniel, found

explanation about prophet fantasy daniel, where does he see a horned sheep two. that fantasy is interpretted in al-kitab with words as follows: " as to male sheep, you have seen with horns two tip of a leafs, that is media king and persi, (daniel 8: 20). between media king and persi, most fitt in with description al-quran, king darius i (am 521-485 before christ).

jewish encyclopaedia explain as follows: " darius skilled statesman. battle he is do only meant to round off tapal-batas the kingdom, that is at armenia, caucasia, indians, along desert turania and asia plateau middle" . this opinion

strengthened by encyclopaedia britannica as follows: " article that carved in stone explains that king darius religion follower zaratustra loyal. but he also a big statesman. battle he does, only to get tapal-batas strong nature for the kingdom, such also to subjugate savage tribe at region border. so, king darius subjugate nation biadabdi ridges pontic and atmenia, and spread persian kingdom until caucasia" ].

*[rintangan or wall that elaborated here famous wall at derbent (or darband) located in seashore kaspi.

in book marasidil - ittila, book ilmu-bumi famous, found explanation about matter that. such also in the book lbnu at-faqih. encyclopaedia biblica explain that wall as follows: derbent or darband a city kingdom persi at caucasia, belong province daghistan, at north-west coast kaspi at end half south, situated caucasia wall that rise out to sea, panjangn 50 miles, called wall alexander…tembok this entire has height 29 foots, and thick ± 10 foots; and with door the gate that made from iron, and by tens menara-pengintai, be defense tapal-batas kingdom persi strong.

chapter 03. dajjal identical (same) with ya'juj wa--ma'juj

soon after al-qur'an explain battle one same other between ya'juj wa-ma'juj, verse 102 explain problem dajjal. " is ones unbeliever estimate that they take hamba-hamba- as patron outside i? " (18: 102). this show that

al-qur'an likened dajjal with ya'juj wa-ma'juj. they are given name that differ because has two functions that differ.

as to hit identity ya'juj wa-ma'juj mufassir not same the opinion. ibnu katsir say, that is ya'juj wa-ma'juj breed adam, and this opinion is strengthened by hadits bukhari and moslem. follow book ruhul-ma'ani, ya'juj wa-ma'juj two kabi breed yafits bin nuh, turkish nation some of they; they are called turkish, because they are turi (leave)ed at half there it wall. besides, follow explanation al-qur'an, bright once that is they are of the same nation human, to obscure their attack, forced built a wall.

as to second, ya'juj wa-ma'juj elaborated in al-qur'an as follows: " until when ya'juj wa-ma'juj removed, they will flow from every tall place" (20: 96). obvious that is meant with sentence" flow from every place tall" that them will dominate whole world. menilik manner al-qur'an explain ya'juj wa-ma'juj in two places, that it is the time for ya'juj wa-ma'juj will beat all nation at world. and bright also that is in time al-qur'an demoted, ya'juj wa--ma'juj there [are], but their gesture stills permanent kekang until moment certain, thereafter, they will loose to will dominate whole world

chapter 04. why al-qur'an not menyebut-nyebut dajjal

may be person will ask, if sekira dajjal and ya'juj wa-ma'juj two term differ to call one nations, why al-qur'an a mention name ya'juj wa-ma'juj, and not occasionally mention name dajjal? because it that word dajjal,

as we are explain above, mean" liar" or " fake" , and bot a single person like to called liar or fake, although he

genuinely a liar or skilled fake.

on the contrary, by because ya'juj wa-ma'juj that is name a nation, so not seorangpun will felt objection will wear that name. even ebenar, english nation self turn on statue ya'juj wa-ma'juj in front of guildhall at london. here's because it why al-qur'an only use name ya'juj wa-ma'juj, and not use name dajjal that liar. on the contrary, books hadits use word dajjal, because name dajjal or counter christ, and prophecies that this, mentioned in holy book that.

therefore, necessary once explained to how penuhinya those prophecies.

besides, word dajjal only show one aspect problem, that is, falsehood and victimization that done by that nation, good hit religion affair, also hit worldly affair. but quit of sifat-sifat bad, there also the kindness aspect.

looked at from worldly aspect, their material welfare must be looked at as their kindness aspect. that's because it why in hadits described, that eye dajjal only one, that is worldly eye; shining like star. al-our'an also explain skill

they are in make goods. so nick name dajjal only some of that nation description.

in al-qur'an, christian nations is called" cave man and inskripsi" (18: 9). this description describes two religion history aspects

christian. " cave man" be correct description for class christian in their history beginning because at that time individuality

they are most jut live in monastery. they leave same once affair worldly to subjugate thoroughly in religion affair. with word other, they throw away world to religion importance.

but in period ends, they are described as" nation inskripsi (ar-raqimi)" . word raqmun mean goods that written. this word is special is used for price that written in merchandise goods, like clothes and as it. this description is their absorption meaningful very in, in affair worldly, this fact is elaborated in al-qur'an as follows: " the effort people who suffers to lost in this world life" (18: 104).

so, christian nation in beginning history they are throw away world to importance religion, but in period end, they throw away religion to importance world; by because that, they are said in al-qur'an as" one of [the] our sign is astonishing" (18: 9).

explanation al-qur'an above mentioned description correct about their inclination to matter. by because in worldly affair, they are more progress from nations other, so nation other that follow them according to membuta-tuli, because charmed by worldly profits that is guaranteed by them.

so, christian nations misleads nations other at world, not with explanation wrong about son allah and penance, but also with aim mengejar-ngejar matter according to membuta-tuli, with ignore same once alive values higher. therefore, in hadits, they are given name dajjal, or skilled fake.

chapter 05: ya'juj wa-ma'juj follow book bible

in book bible, ya'juj wa-ma'juj elaborated with words very clear, so that who ya'juj unquestionable and ma'juj that.

in book yehezkiel 38: 1-4, explained as follows: " and again come the commandement of god to me, the sound: “hai human being! show your face to juj and soil majuj, king rus, masekh and tubal, and bernubuat the things of. say: the above is true the commandement of god hua. that is me reply to you later, hey juj, king rus, masekh and tubal. and kubawa you will go and kububuh hook in your jaw. . . "

here juj elaborated seterang-terang, and juj here equal to ya'juj in al-qur'an. he is said as russia king, moscow and tubal. as to majuj (ma'juj), only said" soil ma'juj" .

three names that mentioned in book bible: rus or russia, masekh or moscow, and tubal or tobolsk. russia country name,

while omask and tubal name two rivers at borthside caucasia ridges. in river omask situated city moscow, and in river tubal situated kotatobolsk; both be famous russia city. remember this description brightness, so who ya'juj that unquestionable.

so that very clearly juj russia very clearly, nation place of residence slavia. as to ma'juj that country also. so at one fihak, juj said as russia king, in other fihak, he is described to stay soil majuj. russia located in europe. europe citizen consists of two main suku-bangsa, that is slavia and teutonia. nation teutonia cover nation britis and german nation. this show seterang-terang that juj europe nations name east (slavia), while majuj europe nations name west, that is nation teutonia.

and bright also that is two nation this is at first once stay soil same. perhaps, juj and majuj name or nick name nenek-moyang two this nations. this matter is proved fact existence that statue ya'juj and ma'juj that since period formerly stand in front of

guildhall at london famous. if two that names is bothing;there is no the connection with nenek-moyang these nations, why does their statue

that installed in front of parliament building?

based on explanation in book bible augmenting with history proof equiped with two statue at london, can

ascertained that ya'juj wa-ma'juj not imagination name, but name two tribe that stay european continent, and entire cover europe plain. menilik bright marking about those nations identity, so will what be elaborated in al-qur'an that ya'juj wa-ma'juj will flow from every tall place, this not can be interpretted other besides that europe nations will dominate entire


even sentence" kulli hadabin" with the meaning every this tall place shows, that is them bot only superior in the field of physical, but also in the field of intelektuil, so that nations other at world bot only treated the body, but also the spritual.

so, al-qur'an give real description to us about rage it power policies and europe culture in all the world, and collapse it ummat islam by the end of period; this fact is really strange, but this will prove seterang-terang islam truth.

chapter 06: dajjal follow al-hadits

there are some important problem that must be rememberred sehubungan with description dajjal be loed in al-hadits. first that

prophet prophecy muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace about appearance dajjal that based on kasyaf (visiun).

a hadits valid from nawas bin sam'an hit dajjal, told by moslem leader tirmidhi, found kata--kata as follows:

" as if he is (dajjal) resemble with" abdul-'uzza" . word as if this is bright once show that prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace describe conditon whom he see in visiun (kasyaf); this matter gives confidence to us that his prophecy hits dajjal that come from kasyaf or ru'yah. but when does narated that prophecies, usually unexplained that that fact is seen in kasyaf or ru'yah.

anything that seen in ru'yah (kasyaf) that usually must be interpretted. al-qur'an self narated several fantasies, mean differ once with the sentence meaning. for example, in prophet dream yusuf see sun, month and eleven stars grovels ke-pada he. but this fantasy meaning truthfully that allah will raise degree and his position.

furthermore in king dream see seven thin cows gulps seven cows fat. as to will mean wheat savings during seven year good season will finished eaten in seven year dry season.

in hadits also told prophet fantasy muhammad that differ once with insident seen in dream. for example, two

bracelet whom he see in dream, mean, two faked prophets; long hand means generous. besides, in general person admits that

those prophecies is wrapped up with kalam parable. therefore, is first one be must be rememberred sehubungan with prophecies about dajjal, that that prophecy full of kalam parable. furthermore, because that prophecy is not jurisdictional syari'at, so will experience two hardship kinds.

first, people who narateds that prophecy less so be careful towards utterance storage that is said by prophet muhammad

may allah bless him and give him peace hit this problem, like be careful they are towards his utterance storage is penal syari'at.

second, by because bothing;there is no tool to detect meaning actually from that prophecy, before this is be fact, so not seldom happen that prophet pronunciation muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace that is wrong menangkapnya, so that impression wrong this cause increasing existence and change in hadits that.

chapter 07: follow al-qur'an and al-hadits, that church victory is equal to the slander dajjal

as we are explain in the face of, al-qur'an not mention name dajjal peculiarly. but in hadits valid explained that who read mail al-kahfi, he will be resqued from the slander dajjal, while mail this is special discuss religion christian and faked the teachings. particularly ten first verses and ten latest verses from this mail, special discussed belief and activity

christian nations. this show seterang-terang that rnenurut al-qur'an, f'itnah dajjal that only term other for victory religion christian. with word other, what described in hadits as the slander dajjal that not other only christian religion victory.

with voice round all books hadits announce that the slander dajjal slander biggest, so that class muslims is taught so that in every prayer berdo'a to allah to resqued from the slander dajjal: " yes allah, i am your protection request is from the slander stills ad-dajjal" . furthermore explained also in hadits that every prophet warns ummat towards the slander dajjal. in hadits declared seterang--terang as follows:

" bothing;there is no larger ones slander than the slander dajjal, since creation adam up to doomsday" .

all book hadits same the opinion about matter this, and this warning is is repeated repeatedly in so many sentence form. therefore emerge question, why al-qur'an not talk about event described emphatically by prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace as slander biggest?

before we answer this question, ok we shall investigate labih formerly character two kind muslims class slander will be warned will happen

by the end of period. first about the slander ya'juj wa--ma'juj, this elaborated seterang-terang, good in al-qur'an also in hadits;

but al-qur-an not explain about dajjal, but as the successor, al-qur'an only explain big slander shaped teachings

christian about 'jesus prophet deity. with kata--kata firm, al-qur'an criticize this teachings as slander biggest for human:

" sky on the verge of broken and earth splits and mounts collapses flaky, because they are admit a son in god maha-pemurah" (19: 90-91)

furthermore al-qur'an explain, that such teachings not ever is taught by 'jesus prophet. even actually, that teachings is againts

by what taught by 'jesus prophet.

" when does allah berfirman: alas child 'jesus maryam, do you say to human take me and my mother as god besides allah? la

('jesus) say: very holy you, undue for me say my something that not justifiably says itu… i am not say to them besides what you order to me, that is serve to allah, my god and your god" (5: 116-117).

so to follow al-qur'an, teachings about 'jesus prophet deity not taught by him, but taught by anti-christ or dajjal.

although al-qur'an not menyebut-nyebut name dajjal, but al-qur'an talk about teachings dajjal deviate shaped teachings christian about allah son.

if we pay attention hadits concerned, inipun justify to what above. in this connection, matter mula-pertama interesting our attention is, that is hadits that explain to go down it al-masih, almost all shoulder one task to him, that is" break cross bean wood" (yaksirus-saliba).

hadits that explain very rare, that is him assigned to kill dajjal. this matter is really strange if rememberred that follow hadits,

the slander dajjal that is slander most big at world. this slander only be removed by hand masih-mau'ud. but when does

talk about to go down it al-masih, hadits only explain that task he is most big break cross bean wood; this is enunjuk seterang-terang that break cross bean wood same mean with kill dajjal.

really impressive once that is manakala hadits explain period slander ends, so slander biggest the slander dajjal;

but manakala hadits explain medicine that can remove that slander, so only called the broken cross bean wood. remember that task

principal masih-mau'ud break cross bean wood, so anglah that the slander dajjal and rage it christian, two terms

merely for one idee same.

chapter 08: why dajjal called al-masih

actually if person want think a moment, certain will find truth, why dajjal called masihid-dajjal. why dajjal called al-masih? because dajjal always menunai the task on name" al-masih" , nick name this given by allah to 'jesus prophet based on wahyu-. memberikannya nick name al-masih to dajjal show, that dajjal menunai job on behalf of this saint, and here's actually that causes him called dajjal or fake, because he is use name" al-masih" , a prophet and honest allah servant, but he makes something that againts absolutely with his teachings.

al-masih 'jesus teaches that that allah one, and bothing;there is no god besides he is obligatory worshipped; but dajjal lift itself 'jesus prophet

as god. furthermore, al-masih 'jesus teaches that any prophet servant allah honest, but dajjal curse all holy prophets as a sins. why such? because if messenger prophets allah this is not cursed as a sin, so unnecessary

emerge allah son not sin, to menebusi human all sin.

furthermore, al-masih 'jesus will teach that everyone will get reward or punishment appropriate deed whom he does, but dajjal

mask al-masih teach that allah son enough menebusi sin ummat christian. al-masih 'jesus teaches that plutocrat

not accessible in heaven kingdom, but dajjal mengaku-nga al-masih teach so that human menumpuk-numpuk wealth.

in short, books hadits use nick name" al-masihid dajjal" only to explain, that is dajjal name other merely for

christian this time. name al-masih and religion al-masih only used as mask to cover victimization (dajala) exist in

hind that.

chapter 09: hadits about dajjal

hadits about dajjal a lot of, and told by a large amount of prophet friend, so that not necessary questioned again about utawatir-; although still necessary questioned about penuhinya prophecy that according to details. hadits that is loed in books hadits very valid, even that loed in book bukhari and moslem not a little the total.

hadits about dajjal that loed in musnad moslem leader ahmad bin hambal number one hundred, and between that tell hadits; found

famous friend, like sayyidina abubakar, 'ali, siti 'aisyah, sa'd bin abi waqqas; abdul bin abbas, abdul bin 'umar, abdul bin 'amr, ash hurairah, ash said khudri, anas bin malik, jabir, hisyam bin amir, samrah bin jundab, ubayya bin ka'b, safinah, imran bin husain, nawas bin sam'an, um syarik, fatimah binti qais, ubadah bin samit, ash ubaidah bin al-jarrah, asthma binti yazid, and mughirah bin syu'bah.

still many friends again that tell hadits about dajjal. all these friends same opinion that prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace repeats to repeat to narated dajjal, up to not necessary questionable again about existence fact that is source channel that prophecy prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace self.

chapter 10: what dajjal that person or nation?

really true that is majority hadits describe seakan--a dajjal that one who one eyed, at the forehead found arabic characters consist from font kaf, fa and ra (or kafara, mean unbeliever), and bring donkey, river and fire. but if hadits--hadits that

we reconcil with explanation al-qur'an, so visible clearly, that is dajjal not person name, but a nation, or more

correct again, segolongan nation.

emphatically al-qur'an likened dajjal with christian nations, and again, al-qur'an declare that dajjal and ya'juj wa-ma'juj not two creature kinds that differ, because slander that evoked by them that mentioned together.

we have also proof from book bible that explain, that is ya'juj wa-ma'juj bangsa--bangsa europe. thereby anglah

that is dajjal also mean nation. as we have explained in the face of, slander dajjal that coming from to win it christian.

there a hadits that told by moslem moslem leader that prove that dajjal that not person but nation, as rome and persi that elaborated in hadits that not place but nation.

hadits that sound as follows:

" rasulul may allah bless him and give him peace bersabda: you will give with arabian peninsula, and allah will give victory to you, then you will give with persi, and allah will give victory to you; then you bertampur with rome, and allah will give victory to you; then you will give with dajjal, and allah will give victory to you" .

here battle with dajjal elaborated with sentence same like battle with arabian, persi and rome. this show that

dajjal nation, like the things of arabian, persi and rome. may so be beckoned here crusade, but may be also beckon event that at world in the present day. but one thing is sure, that is that follow hadits this, dajjal mean nation or segolongan nation; as does persi or rome.

but still must be explained, why in hadits explained as if dajjal that person. as we have explained, all

that holy prophet prophecy is based in ru'yah or kasyaf (visiun), and in ru'yah or kasyaf, a only described as orang-seorang nation. actually, that nation is is known from the feature; and in ru'yah, this feature only can be showed in the form of orang--seorang. even in language everyday, that nation is invited to speak to like person. for example, al-qur'an invite to speak nation israil, as if nation

israil that is person. read for example, verse al-qur'an follow:

" alas class bani israil, mindful of nikmat- i shall pass to you, that i glorify you above all nation" (2: 47).

class bani israil that warned here them alive in prophet period muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace, but event that meant

happen in mozes prophet period, or several centuries after he. comfort elaborated in verse this given, ke-pada class

bani israil period formerly, but verse al-qur'an this being attributed to class bani israil the present day that in a state of humble and hazy. but entire class bani israil this said to like one person.

the above is true entire nation dajjal showed to prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace in ru'yah like one person, while dajjal such as those which

described by al-qur'an show that dajjal segolongan nation the special feature known.

chapter 11: description dajjal follow al-hadits

all kind speciality we are see in western civilization this time, all fitt in with feature dajjal that seen by prophet

muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace in ru'yah. really true that these nations has a little difference one same other, but there one matter

all same. and characteristic same this described by prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace in give description about dajjal.

we only will quote hadits that elaborate feature dajjal. let us begin with hadits that told by moslem leader bukhari:

1. " and i am see person curly hirsute short, mata-kanan blind i ask: siapakah this? then answered, that he

masihid - dajjal" (bukhari 77: 68,92)

2. " watch out! he is pecak (blind sebelah)… and between two the eyes, written 'kafir'…" (bukhari 93: 27).

from description it can be we register:

1. that hit its for, dajjal described solid corporeal.

2. that is roman-muka white and shine.

3. that short the head hair and curly.

three descriptions this is fit once derigan europe ones form in general. they that is in general solid corporeal; bertubuh good and strong; short the hair and curly, so that the woman -pun cut short the hair; their skin is white and shine. so, description about feature dajjal, fit once with europe ones realization.

as to two another characteristics, that is, that right eye dajjal blind, and in the forehead written kaf, fa and ra or kaflr, this describe conditon

spritual dajjal actually. as we have explained, dajjal describe a nation. as nation, unlikely all blind the body eye. besides, dajjal described blind eye the right, mata-kiri dajjal described to shine to shimmered to like star. with word other, mata-kanan dajjal described to lost the light, but mata-kiri shine bright. explanation that given by moslem leader raghib about eye dajjal blind half the right, really ilmiyah once. when does explain word meaning al-masih, he explains that word masaha mean to wipe off a certain, then he adds explanation as follows:

" told that mata-kanan dajjal lost the sight, while 'jesus prophet mata-kiri he is the sight that; and this means that is dajjal not mempuyai tall character characters, like wisdom for example, policy and low heart; while 'jesus prophet not has ignorance, avarice, greed and as it that belong low character kind" .

so, description dajjal blind mata-kanan don't interpretted according to harfiyah, but according to kalam parable, that is must be interpretted that dajjal not has good character. that is two that human eyes, one used to see matters that spirituality and religion, and one again used to see matters that matter and mundane. by because matters that religion and that spirituality the position higher than matters relates to matter and mundane, so blind right eye dajjal means that dajjal the attention pittance towards matters connected with religion or spirituality, and this fit once by what undergone by bangsa-bargsa europe this time. entire parhatian they are attributed to that matters dangan matter and mundane and their progress is in the field of this is not there the comparison. this meant by what elaborated in hadits, that is mata-kiri dajjal shine to shimmered to like star. mean, dajjal can to see all worldly goods kind, nations other not has explanation about it. but spritual eye dajjal not has sharp sight, because all strength dajjal spent to importance affair worldly. successful dajjal unrivaled in worldly affair causes blind half. this explanation is really astonishing and fit once with what said by al-qur'an about christian nations: " the effort people who suffers to lost in world life, and they estimate that them very clever in make goods" (18: 104)

hadits prophet describes this matter with kalam parable, that is mata- left dajjal, that is, mata-duniawi shine shimmered to like star. as to

nations spritual conditon dajjal allah berfirman as follows:

" they are people who mengkafiri god verse, and (end) discovery with him" (18: 105).

hadits prophet provides this with its own way, that is, that is mata-kanan dajjal not has strength to see god verse.

sign dajjal other, that is article kafara or unbeliever in this the forehead ins also with the spritual conditon. if person says, that is in

somebody forehead found jigger article, this is same mean with say, that that jigger fact senyata-nyata for him.

so from that, explanation hadits that is in forehead dajjal found unbeliever article, this only mean that that paganism is fact senyata-nyata for him. words hadits that self explain; that is such that's the real. in the first place, hadits explain that every believers can read article that; so not per he read that article. then added explanation word about that believers person, that is, " good he is illiterate or understand to write to write. " mean, every person believers can realize that article, good he understands writing or not.

bright, that article that legible by per he believers, good he understands writing or blind font, unlikely merwujud words or font. if that article is words extant or font, undoubtedly not questioned again what believers the reader or unbeliever, such also unnecessary be declared that believers person can read that article even if he buta-huruf.

cleverness reads article, not there in respect of cling it with affair belied. everyone not illiterate certain can read article, while illiterate, even if he is true believers person, he is permanent not can read article. therefore, article that meant not article usually, but menifestasi somebody deed. statement that that article only legible by believers person, this means,

that heathen not ever aware the paganism, so that want believers person eye to read their paganism obsolence.

chapter 12. residence dajjal in prophet period

a hadits explain, that is on a certain day sehabis prayer berjama'ah, prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace hold back friends and say as follows:

" tamim from, a christian that embrace islam, he narateds to me about dajjal, fitt in with what ever i tell

to you" . then he narateds story tamim from as follows:

" on a certain day he sails with a few person from kabi lakhm and judham.

after sail a month the long, they land at a island, where do they meet for with a creature strange, call self jassassh (spy the original meaning). jassasah tell to them about a man

live in church. then they visit that man in church, visible like giant, his arms tied in the neck, and the foot is tied with chain, from knee up to mata-kaki. they are converse with this person, suddenly he asks to them about prophet may allah bless him and give him peace, and he ends the conversation with pronunciation: “a masihid - dajjal, and i hope good i am soon released, then i can explore whole world, except makkah and madinah" .

one matter that beyond question that entire this stories not insident usually, but a visiun (ru'yah). as to proof that that insident happens in ru'yah fact existence that dajjal ask to them as follows: " barrate to me about prophet nation ummi (arabian nation), what is he does" .

their question is answered as follows: " he leaves makkah and reach madinah" . in hadits other, dajjal told to ask as follows: " this person is that appear between you, what is he does? " (kanzul-ummal volume vii, matter 2024).

how can dajjal know that arabian nation prophet has appeared?

what dajjal get vision? goods sure not. and also unlikely that this guess case.

events other that narrated in hadits this, all strengthen opinion that this happen in ru'yah.

for example, siapakah hand that dajjal in the neck? siapakah the foot that with chain?

may us estimate that dajjal gived in a state of such?

why jassasah not remove chain dajjal?

all this vexed question only solvable when can we consider this story come from ru'yah tamim from.

everything that known by holy prophet that this problem also berlandas ru'yah. allah not ever bring he is to a island, and order him see dajjal with mata-kepala self. on the contrary, only pass ru'yah, he see characters dajjal. he presents ru'yah tamim from this, merely to brace what known by he is in ru'yah as he narrates also fantasy another friends. hadits this give instruction to us, where tempat-tinggal dajjal:

1. he is bertinggal at a island.

2. this island location is as far as one voyage month from syria.

still there one again person can know from hadits this, that is, that is in prophet period, dajjal there [are], but he is not yet permitted out. this matter we shall elaborate later with panjang-lebar.

two above mentioned notes will give instruction seterang-terang tempat-tinggal dajjal. bright that europe inhabitted also by nations other, but has power and grandeur not ever fall on-hand nation other at that continent.

that is why why does continent west mentioned peculiarly as tempat-tinggal dajjal.

chapter 13. religion dajjal

there a hadits that explain that is hebrew class will espouse dajjal. from hadits this is person will expected that dajjal will embrace jewish religion. but al-qur'an explain as bright as - brightness that nation dajjal admit has man child. on that account bothing lost again that nation dajjal christian nation. later we will explain what is will meant class hebrew will espouse dajjal. even class hebrew will espouse dajjal is not will mean dajjal class hebrew. because if mean such, how meaning hadits other explain that a part ummat prophet muhammad follow dajjal and be victim tipu-muslihat. as to hadits that sound as follows:

" seventy thousands ummat will follow dajjal" (misykat, ha1.477)

as we have explained, nick name masihid-dajjal that show, that nation dajjal will admit as follower masih-'isa. this matter is explained sejelas-jelas in hadits tamim from above mentioned. hint so that visit person present in church that such as those which explained in hadits tamim from, so important mean.

bright that church simbul christian religion, and giant menyimbul ummat found in that church is not other ummat christian. as to jassasah (spy dajjal) only has one task, that is, suggest so that ones go to church, mean, so that be christian(s). follow pronunciation jassasah actually: " church whom you see that, come into" .

chapter 14. appearance place dajjal.

apparently interesting attention once that follow hadits tamim from, dajjal bertinggal at a island laid at at westside syria,

appearance place is said by hadits other, reside in east. wholy, hadits this is berburiyi as follows:

" not! he (dajjal) will appear beside east; not, he will appear at half east; not, he appear sabe east" (kanzul-'ummal

volume vii, yard 2988).

before we are explain the details, let us tinjau in advance others hadits same mean, that is that dajjal appear

east. one of [the] hadits sound as follows:

" prophet muhammad may allah bless him and give him peace indicate almost duapuluh time eastwards" (kanzul-'ummal, volume vil, yard 2991).

in a hadits that told by moslem moslem leader says:

" not! he appear east" followed with sentence: " he indicates with his arms eastwards" . so if at a hadits said that residence dajjal a island at west, but in other hadits explained that tempad appearance dajjal, or correcter again, slander appearance place dajjal in the east.

this will show that rage it dajjal will endanger bangsa--bangsa in the east. as to fact not dpt be disputed lagibahwa the slander dajjal not will befall the nation self, even they will get profit from robberies result in the east.

so that meant appearance dajjal in the east rage it slander dajjal at bations east by way of treat as a slave the citizen, good also spritual, lahiriyah also batiniyah.

follow what explained in hadits, that very clearly is in prophet period, dajjal that there, but at that time hand and

the foot is enchained. here's description actually for europe nations in at that time. they put into a cage self in their fatherland

self, then at one particular when, they flow to whole world to subjugate and colonize bations other, so that they are genuinely dominate, or in any case force upon the influence towards that bations, so that gerak--gerik bations that is led and supervised by europe nations.

that is why why in hadits explained that dajjal admit god, because everything at world is done to follow command

dajjal, as if succumbed dominate and determine destiny nations other. here's what else that meant by hadits other

explain that dajjal that determine hidup-mati ones. with word other, dajjal will uplift and humiliate nations degree other follow what assumed as according to the aim.

chapter 15. slander biggest

in valid moslem there a hadits that sound as follows: " since human creation up to doomsday incoming, bothing;there is no bigger slander than the slander dajjal" (misykat, matter. 472).

words like that, found also in book hadits other. for example, in a hadits, prophet may allah bless him and give him peace told bersabda as follows:

" alas human! since allah creat bani adam, not there slander in front of larger ones earth from in the slander dajjal" (kanzul-'ummal, volume vii, yard 2028).

hadits prove that the slander dajjal that not other merejalela europe imperialist this time and win it christian religion. fact show that history ummat human not can demonstrate slander other magnitude like that.

really in history ever happen a nation bows nation other and dominate their life aspect, but example about colonial comprehensive like we are witness now this shaped rage it imperialist and europe culture in all the world, unprecedented. landing and ocean all dominated by europe imperialist.

such also we not can find the similarity about imperialist class manners west treat as a slave nations other at world. specialer again that them has all weapon kind with that weapon, ones can lost from true road and purity road. at this side, they are mnyesat ones passes education system over there, they achieve their aim passes religion broadcasting; sometimes to achieve aim they, they paralyse human soul with give to them luxury and body delight; and sometimes be given to they comforts can forget their spritual absolutely.

often also their science is used for smash spritual ummat human. short word, in all human history, the slander dajjal unrivaled, and prophet utterance may allah bless him and give him peace that is bothing;there is no slander more big than the slander dajjal, this fulfilled shaped rage it class imperialist europe, bot only endanger body life aspect, but also endanger moral life aspect and spritual.

chapter 16. marking dajjal.

follow us quote several hadits that explain marking

escort appearance dajjal. as to meaning tanda--tanda that we

explain later.

i. heaven and hell dajjal

" he (dajjal) will come with will bring a kind of heaven and hell; and

what does he say that heaven actually, hell" (misykat, yard


" and he will bring water and fire. and what ones see it

water, that is actually fire that burn; and what does ones

see it fire, iiu actually cool fresh water" (misykat, yard


" he will bring fire and river and whoever falls in the fire, he

will get reward and removed the load. " (kanzul-'ummal,

volume vii, yard 2975)

" la will bring bread mount and water-logged river" (kanzul-'-ummal,

volume vii, yard 2985).

" he brings two rivers, one water-logged, and one again full fire"

(idem, yard 2985)

" dajjal will appear with will bring river and fire; whoever enters

in the river; he will shoulder load and removed the reward; and

whomever enters in the fire, will get reward and caused

the load" (idem, yard 2029).

between slander dajjal that he will bring heaven and hell;

as to hell dajjal heaven, and heaven dajjal hell. so

whomever is tested with hell dajjal, want him resort to

allah while read mail beginning al--kahfi, so hell will be

cold and peace" (idem, yard 2028).

" and he will bring a kind of heaven and hell. and heaven dajjal full

with smoke, while hell dajjal verdant garden" (idem,

yard 2074).

hadits other sound:

" really he will bring heaven and hell. as to hell dajjal

heaven, and heaven dajjal hell. so whoever is tested with

hell dajjal, want him close the eye and resort to allah,

and that hell cold and peace" (idem, yard 2079).

" how does feeling you if you tested by somebody

rivers and fruits under the sun be made to bow to it"

(idem, yard 2090).

" he will cross with will bring two mounts. one, full of

tree, fruits and water, and other, full of fire and smoke. he

say: this heaven, and this hell" (idem, yard 2110).

ii. speed and vehicle dajjal

" we ask: alas rasulul, how does the fast trip

dajjal on earth? he answers: like the fast cloud is tooted

wind" (misykat chapter dajjal).

" earth will be rolled to it; he holds cloud on-hand the right,

and precede sun in place benamnya; only sedalam ocean

mata-kaki; at in front of it smoke full mount" (kanzul-'ummal,

volume vii, yard 2998).

" he will jump between sky and earth" (ash dawud).


" dajjal will appear with will rise white donkey; distance between two

the ear seventy yards" (misykat, yard 477)

" he has a donkey whom he takes, distance between two

the ear forty yards" (kanzul-'ummal, volume vii, yard

2104). -

" he climbs a white donkey, each the ear three

puluh yards length, and distance between foot one with foot

other trip a day last night" (idem, yard 2998).

iii. wealth treasure dajjal

" and he passes jungle, and he says to it: release

your wealth, so kekayaaan that jungle follows him, like bee

follow the queen" (misykat, yard 473).

iv. kith dajjal glad alive, and enemies dajjal alive


" he comes at one particular class and invite them (so that follow he),

and class that believe in to it, he gives command to sky, so

go down rain, then he gives command to earth, so out

vegetation. then he comes to class, and invite

they (are so that follow he), and class that averse the invitation, so

turn away him from them, then class that born down upon hunger, and not

there a little wealth even also they master" (misykat, yard 473).

" and between slander dajjal, when does he come at one particular class

not want to believe in to it, so not again their livestock is

remained, but destroyed all; and when does he come in

class other that believe in to it, so he gives command to

sky, then go down rain, and he gives command to earth, then

out vegetation" (kanzul--'ummal, volume vii. yard 2028).

" world rivers and fruits will bow to dajjal; so

whomever wants to follow him, he will give to eat to it and

make him a unbeliever and whoever defies him, so

the food provision will be seized and stopped mata-pencaharian"

(kanzul-'ummal; volume vii halarnan 2090).

" there are some class will make dajjal will say:

" actually we know that dajjal unbeliever, but we

make friends with dajjal, so that we can eat from the food, and

so that we can give to eat our livestock from pohon-pohon" (idem,

yard 2092).

" and he (dajjal) will bring bread mount, and all human

experience hardship, with the exception of one who follow him" (idem, yard


v. partemuan dajjal dangan spirit

" together dajjal be aroused devils apparently will resemble

with people who has died, is that father or

brother" (idem, yard 2065).

" devils apparently resemble with person yarg died

espouse dajjal, and they will say to one who above the ground:

kenalkah you in me? i am your brother; i am your father; or

i am one of the your family" (idem, matter. 2078).

" together dajjal be aroused devils that

converse with human" (idem, yard 2104).

vi. class hebrew rear dajjal

" and at the hind dajjal together he is seven

puluh thousands hebrew person" (idem, yard 2028)

" majority one who follow dajjal class hebrew, women,

and ordinary people" (kanzul-'ummal, volume vii, matter. 2065).

" majority one who espouse dajjal class hebrew, and

woman" (idem, yard 2214).

" dajjal allah enemy, will appear and he will be espoused by army

consist of class hebrew and all nation kind" (idem, yard


vii. influence dajjal towards woman

" and one who most recently that visit dajjal womankind,

so that a man visits the mother, woman the child,

woman the brother and the aunt, then tie up them, so that they are not

come to dajja! " (idem, matter. 2116).

viii. dajjal and children not valid

" watch out! majority friend and follower dajjal class hebrew and

children not valid" (idem, yard 2998)

ix. womanly man, and woman likes man

" and women appear will like mans and man visible

womanly" (idem, yard 2998)

x. convalescence curious

" and dajjal will cure blind person, leprosy ill person, and

bring to life dead man" (idem; yard 2080)

xi. wicked whisper dajjal

" whomever hears event dajjal, want to give way thereof.

by god! one would will visit dajjal, and he expecteds that he

believers person, and he will follow him (dajjal) because zak

suspicion that evoked in the mind" (kanzul-'ummal, volume vii,

yard 2057)

xii. appearance dajjal

" he (dajjal) will say: when does this my that chain free,

i not will let sejengkal soil even also not -injak by

my foot, with the exception of holy city madinah" (idem, yard 2991)

" and not sejengkal soil even also on this earth not dominated by

dajjal, with the exception of city makkah and madinah" (idem, matter. 2028).

" and ere long, i (dajjal) shall permitted out, so i

out and hold trip on earth, and not one

tempat-tinggal even also not kusinggahi during forty evening,

with the exception of makkah and madinah" (idem, yard 2988).

articulate to chapter 17

chapter 17. heaven and hell dajjal

follow hadits, sign dajjal biggest that he

bring heaven and hell. what first time be must be rememberred sehubungan

herewith, when in a hadits, words jannah and nar

worn to show heaven and hell dajjal, so in other hadits,

heaven and hell dajjal that declared with words other. for example,

in the place of heaven words and hell dajjal, menggunakanlah

words ma (water) and nar (fire); and in other hadits used

words nahar (river) and nar (fire). then in other hadits used

words two rivers, water river and fire river.

then there hadits again that explain, that dajjal will bring

" bread mount and water river" . may even exist hadits again as

heaven words successor and hell dajjal, used words" two

mount; one full of vegetation and fruits and water,

other, full of fire and smoke.

from explanation, that word jannah and nar is not

mean heaven and hell truthfully; such also words

river, fire, smoke, bread mount, etc, don't interpretted according to

harfiyah. all that word parable; word for example jannah, this

allegorize to overflow it provision bahan-makanan, delight and

luxury, word nar is allegorizing ingredient undercommunication -makanan and

alive delight. as to purpose actually, whomever follows

dajjal, he will live, and whoever defy it, he not

has provision bahan-makanan.

compare life conditon two nations, that is islam nations

underprivileged alive, and christian nations alive completely

luxurious; and this meant with heaven and hell dajjal.

heaven words and hell is not mean that dajjal genuinely

bring heaven and hell likes tradesman brings the merchandise goods.

but actually will meant that dajjal

dominate heaven and hell as explained in hadits next


" river and world fruits will bow to it" .

here's meaning actually from that words, that is that is all kind

provision that import delight, luxury and alive comfort

at world, all dominated by dajjal. and this called heaven

dajjal for one who narrow-minded the opinion; but actually, this

all called hell, because whoever that immerse in delight

alive likes to dance, bersenang--senang, exult, see theater,

cinema, free association between man and woman, drink, gamble,

melacur, certain doesn't remember to allah.

finally the soul is to broken; and here's hell actually; and

even if is not seen by body eye, but at hereafter

visible brightly. on the contrary what called hell dajjal

shaped life not in a condition of by worldly delight,

heaven actually, because more person doesn't immerse in

worldly delight, also the spritual profit, so that

he can then increase until achieve connection with allah. so

heaven dajjal that consist of body delight, got with

sacrifice spritual life. whoever immerses in alive

glad, he will lose delight at that period.

articulate to chapter 18

chapter 18. speed dajjal, vehicle dajjal at land, at sea and at


when does prophet may allah bless him and give him peace menanya, how does trip speed dajjal,

he answers as follows: " speed dajjal like cloud that tooted

wind" . when does prophet may allah bless him and give him peace say this words, apparently like

tale, or pronunciation abundant. but in adult

this is kapal-udara fly to exceed wind speed.

furthermore prophet may allah bless him and give him peace bersabda as follows: " earth will be rolled to it" . this

will mean dajjal will move so fast impressing this vast earth

appear to shriveled. movement dajjal pass air is said as follows:

" la will hold cloud on-hand the right" . will mean him will fly

menembus and above cloud. furthermore holy prophet explains that

" dajjal will jump between earth and sky" . all this

beckon trip dajjal pass air. furthermore is explained

that dajjal will move so fast up to he:

" precede sun in place benamnya"

in these days kapal-udara fly quicker from the way sun;

one who leave eastward in morning, will reach west

before sunset. aviation from calcuta to bombay or from

lahore to karachi, only consume several hours time. who knows

one would will fly quicker again than conditon now.

furthermore explained that" only sedalam mata-kaki dajjal ocean"

this matter happens crass with be submarine movement

sea level.

vehicle dajjal called donkey, because donkey is used to

carry away person from here there, and also used to carry away

load for human. but donkey dajjal not donkey

crass, because this donkey is described has ear

the distance seventy yards and white the colour shines. this description

actually to describe kereta-api.

as to hadits that explain one step dajjal will achieve distance

trip a day last night, this means that distance menernpuh a day

last night, it is only one step for dajjal. want to rememberred

that description about ability dajjal bow nature is not

occasionally meant to curse deed dajjal, but to

show that dajjal has as one who opinion most

authority, and will forget the position as humble allah servant. so

cursed acknowledgement dajjal that he has power


articulate to chapter 19

chapter 19. dajjal take outside earth wealth

in hadits be explained that earth wealth will follow dajjal. this

will beckon europe ones invention earth wealth

buried. where is there earth wealth buried, including

brother, silver, iron, coal, oil and mineral ingredients, certain

mengetemukan by europe ones.

all that wealths, either in west also in the east, carried on by

europe ones. after taked from earth stomach, those ingredients

made barang--barang by europe nation is used to colonize

nation other at world. besides they carry on desert region

nonarable made fertile region with give it aqueduct.

in short, all earth wealths including also result

plants, dominated by europe nations. all wealths follows

dajjal, and europe nations profit more increase, while

nations other at only made their labourer to

produce raw material to their industrial importance.

a large amount of brother and world wealth either in indians, at africa and

bations east, all menguras finished to congested at europe and

america. how does the great ru'yah prophet may allah bless him and give him peace tigabelas century lampau

about conditon whom we are natural this time. how does the good if

ru'yah that announced to people who is misleaded by

wealth, luxury and power bangsa--bangsa europe, up to bertekuk

knee before they. want them like to ponder sharpness

prophet spritual sight may allah bless him and give him peace several hundred year previous, can

see world description this time with all the details so that

he can to give clear description to arabian nation at the time.

articulate to chapter 20

chapter 20. kith dajjal glad alive, and enemies dajjal alive


bright that embrace religion dajjal manner as well possible

in honour of and make friends with dajjal. hadits that explain

that followers dajjal glad the alive, this is also operative

for people who swears loyal to it. take for example

conditon at lndia. people who before enter christian belongs

people group misery alive, now they are ones

rich and berkedudu tall.

wealth that taken from all world corner and congested at europe

and america; if this be taken a little for bations other at

world; so in the first place, that part is distributed to bations

east that profess religion dajjal with memberikari to them

that salaries. how does the true description hadits to the effect that


" he (dajjal) will bring gunung-roti, everybody suffer hardships,

except people who follow it" .

really true that best guarantee for economy security now

this embrace christian. people who not want to take

this road and not want harmonious alive with them, certain will experience

difficult life and misery. how does the true description

given by prophet may allah bless him and give him peace:

" whoever follows dajjal, he will be given to eat, but he

made unbeliever" (kanzul-'ummal, volume vii, yard 2104).

get out of people who thoroughly profess religion dajjal, there also

one who bermain-mata and butter up with dajjal, just because

chase only money. here's human group that aimed by

hadits follow:

" we make friends with dajjal, even if we know that he unbeliever. we

make friends with dajjal so that we can eat from the provision. "

here's stomach servants that dance with joy to follow rhythm dajjal. they

do matters oppose against religion, nation and country,

just because a mouthful rice. aim dajjal give to eat this ones

so that they are one who not have a religion, even if dajjal not

success put into them in the religion; in any case dajjal

success make them acuh-tak acuhterhadap their religion self.

otherwise such, does aim missi christian and schools and

college? actually system pendi-di that given to

our children, that only aim to separate them from religion

and allah. and what is made daya-penarik this education? not

other only memberinya they are right to get job, so

return again to stomach problem and bread.

articulate to chapter 21

chapter 21. meeting dajjal with people who soul has died

and conversation dajjal with them.

although dajjal very busy in worldly affair, but dajjal not

ignore god's will whisper that whisper life outside world.

so from that is dajjal show the attention at this field,

common called" spritisme" . at this field is dajjal admits has science

how to so that person can relate to ones soul

die, and how does converse with them. hadits

follow to explain about remarkable deed this:

" together dajjal be aroused devils apparently will resemble

with people who has died, is that father or brother

they" .

hadits other again:

" devils converse with human" .

besides those devils has resembled apparently with people who

died, they can also converse with human. what

be described by prophet may allah bless him and give him peace this that can be called movement" spiritisme"

crass prove the great his prophecy.

one who splash in this movement knows to how to regulate

special room is prepared to this, and how regulate

lamp illumination that used special to this. then how

its way carry out what be called medium that can realize

people who soul shadow has died, converse

with human; they appear a moment, then disappear again.

and people who attends this meeting sometimes experiences

change of heart, as does orang--orang indians that changed

the idea so that they see soul realization, originally only

from their fantasy is self. what" spiritisme" that contain

truth or doesn't exercise other. as to we question

that prophet may allah bless him and give him peace give true description about sorcery

(magic) that done by dajjal, forecasted by him with

bright words, fifteen centuries lampau.

articulate to chapter 22

chapter 22. hebrew strength rear dajjal.

prophet prophecy may allah bless him and give him peace about dajjal proof astonishing about

the great ru'yah he will hit event that will happen later on

day. in hadits explained that him indicate church as

place dajjal, and al-qur'an also give instruction about identity

dajjal with words as follows. " and expecting him to give warning to

people who says that has putera allah. " (18: 4).

as to hebrew ones hate towards jesus prophet, al-qur'an

elaborate so clear, up to al-qur'an menyebut-nyebut article mail

class hebrew that stain purity siti maryam, jesus prophet mother. koran

berfirman as follows:

" and their pronunciation is towards maryam big slander" (4: 156).

hebrew class hostility attitude towards jesus prophet biggest

ever launched by a nation towards somebody. character

hostility this eternal is elaborated in al-qur'an as follows:

" we awaken hostility attitude between they are until day kiyamat"

(5: 14).

class hebrew experiences diverse repression, either in holy prophet period

also before he, and this repression well on into long

after he. even can mengata until appear dajjal, class hebrew

permanent experience repression by class christian. but such holy prophet

predict as follows:

" dajjal be espoused by seventy thousands hebrew person. "

" majority one who follow dajjal class hebrew. "

" dajjal allah enemy, will appear and be espoused by balatentara

consist of class hebrew. "

want to rememberred that bothing;there is no hadits satupun that explain that

dajjal hebrew person. on the contrary hadits explain that dajjal

identical classly christian. besides al-qur'an explain

that is christian class always superiorer than class hebrew:

" and i shall make people who will follow you (are jesus prophet)

exceed unbeliever ones, until day kiyamat" (3: 54).

but we are aimed with fact oddest, that is that

christian government very base on hebrew class aid.

minister from big ones christian country government, do

off hand what asked by hebrew ones. as to because it

not difficult looked for. class has mint of money to help

christian government. even english government so jayapun

help hebrew importance for muslims class smash at


class muslims at palestinian is made poor, up to ladang-ladang

forced sold to hebrew ones that reside there in

infinitude. word" seventy thousands hebrew person" in hadits this

meaningful big total. as we know, arabian language

" seven" or " seventy" that used to show jumtah

big. so, seventy thousands this hebrew person means a lot of

class hebrew that want to co-operate with dajjal. if earthling not

know to how class hebrew on the quiet help english government

and government west another, or how does english government help

class hebrew, so english government action moves hebrew nation

to palestinian enough as prophet prophecy the true proof may allah bless him and give him peace about

this secret partnerships existence.

but such, strength federation between class hebrew and class christian

europe not occasionally frighten class muslims, provided class muslims

realize thoroughly that prophet may allah bless him and give him peace beside to predict strength existence

this frightened federation, he is thirteen centuries lampau also

predict that in

end period, islam will get victory above all religion at


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