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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tips Associate According to Well

meet new friend? certain often we are natural and bot rarely also usually many ngomong, charge cis cus fluent, suddenly be taciturn, embarrassed, confused what to do. so that we can permanent relax and not feel awkward, run out of material of discussion, follow some ways can we do:

1. begin discussion with matters that beyond question

often rushed by in mind we, when talking with new acquaitance (don't being estimated pretend knowing and pretend near) we can begin discussion with ask about the address, the job, the hobby, or something else that beyond question. but we don't be dissapointed when our new friend answers “ya” and “tidak” even only quiet. consider not yet moment it we can meet. koid negative idea and try in chance other.

2. don't ever excoriate ownself

fear will be evaluated opponent will speak biggest obstacle to will talk another person. in psychologist is known with term “self critism” (self criticism). fear above be form from self criticism that over do. so that we can can success associate with new friend so we must can to restrain self criticism.

3. don't be easy admire

don't all at once give criticism while admire somebody, our for example meets penfriend, then we are katakana “oh obvious you prettier out of you dulu”. can he consider that formerly he never appear pretty.

4. don't talk about ownself

we shall be evaluated friendly when we shall give to another person to will speak. give questions short so that he is fishhook to tell, up to we find topic that interesting and liked our new friend. but don't until is impressing us in pursuance of interrogation, because can atmosphere will be to interesting.

5. friendly body language

body attitude that evoke acceptance with smile and openness will interesting our new friend attention. because with a way face and hand that folded will cancel our new friend intention to will talk us.

6. divide attention dispassionately

when at the (time) of same we see several new friends all at once, for discussion at their midst is with involves various topic. don't until our discussion only centrally in one person. because how does resent when are we ignored another person.

7. koid debate

koid discussion that can fish debate and not mengenak in opponent speaks us. even less discussion that contain difference sara. how does the good when talk about matters neutral and light.

8. roger good listener

when do we not know what we talk about, listen to opponent speaks us. give conception with fresh comments, so that opponent speaks us felt awarded and respected the discussion.

9. art avoids

when do we felt our new friend chic speak that boring (only speak about the repair shop or the hobby with boxing-match, so moment he in search of material of discussion furthermore we can equivocate, “maaf i am there need sebentar” or reason other. don't until he knows that us avoid it.

10. sense of joke

with tall joke taste, atmosphere will be warm and our intimacy increase. we shall be individual that interesting with light jokes and liked opponent speaks us as long as not touch feeling and we don't be object that laughed particularly until touch feeling another person.

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