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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Final Destination 5

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The Final Destination series is a series of horror films based on an unproduced script written by Jeffrey Reddick for the X-Files television series. Distributed by New Line Cinema, all four films are centered on the themes of determinism, predestination, and precognition, in relation to death (i.e. how to foresee, avoid or control it). In a less abstract sense, each film features a group of people dying in a series of elaborate, invariably fatal and often gory scenarios that frequently resemble Rube Goldberg machines in their complexity.

The film series is noteworthy amongst others in the horror genre in that the "villain" of the movies is not the stereotypical mad slasher, nor serial killer, nor is the killer even human; it is, in fact, the entity Death itself (very occasionally 'seen' as a fleeting shadow), which manipulates the environment in deadly ways with the intent of "recapturing" those who somehow manage (usually through warning premonitions) to escape their fates the first time.

The franchise has also spawned a related book series (published by Black Flame) and comic series (published by Zenescope Entertainment Inc).


In 1996, screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick sold his treatment for Final Destination to New Line Cinema. The treatment was based on an The X Files spec script Reddick wrote in order to get an agent. In an interesting twist, television director James Wong, who worked with Reddick on The X Files, ended up co-writing and directing the first film. David R. Ellis directed the second film after Wong dropped out, but Wong returned to direct the third film and intended to shoot it in 3-D, but was unsuccessful due to insufficient budget. The third film was intended to be the final installment of the series, but Ellis returned again to direct the fourth installment, which was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana and shot in 3-D. After releasing the fourth film, producer Craig Perry announced that the fourth film was the final installment of the series, and decided not to make the fifth installment. All four films received an R rating by the MPAA. At first, the franchise received positive reviews for their originality and well-directed action sequences. Respected film critic Roger Ebert like the film for its seriousness and focus on thrills and plot rather than gore. A.O. Scott of the New York Times praised the second for its gothic, lean-and-mean style, and has even stated on "At The Movies" that the franchise is criminally underrated. Critics' rates were going down since the second film for "lack of ideas" and "gory scenes", resulting in mixed reviews for the third film, and mixed to negative reviews for the fourth.

Final Destination 5

After the success of The Final Destination, which was thought to be the last film of the franchise, the head of Warner Bros., Alan Horn, had confirmed a fifth Final Destination film is in works at ShoWest.[1]


Throughout 2005, publishing company Black Flame released a series of Final Destination books which faithfully follow the premise of the films, with each involving a group of people who find themselves targeted by Death after surviving a catastrophe of some sort due to a character experiencing a precognitive vision. Set in Los Angeles the first novel, entitled Dead Reckoning, has punk rocker Jessica Golden saving herself and several others from the collapse of Club Kitty, earning Death's ire.[Novels 1] Set in LA as well Destination Zero has magazine employee Patricia Fuller and few others survive a train bombing and afterward, while being stalked by Death, Patti learns this is not the first time her family has been hunted by the entity.[Novels 2] End of the Line has a group of New York subway crash survivors, led by twins Danny and Louise King, trying to escape Death, who uses an unknowing agent to hasten its acquisition of the survivors.[Novels 3]

In Dead Man's Hand a group meant to die in the crash of a Las Vegas glass elevator are stalked by both Death and the FBI, the latter believing the group's savior Allie Goodwin-Gaines was responsible for the elevator crash.[Novels 4] Looks Could Kill has beautiful New York model Stephanie "Sherry" Pulaski stopping her friends from boarding a yacht when she has a vision of it exploding, but is left horribly disfigured and comatose by flying debris moments afterward when her vision comes true; eventually awakening the embittered Stephanie makes a deal with Death, aiding it in claiming her friends in exchange for having her good looks restored.[Novels 5] After the run of the original series of books Black Flame released novelizations of the first three films in January 2006.[Novels 6][Novels 7][Novels 8] Black Flame's last Final Destination novel was Death of the Senses released in mid 2006. Taking place in New York the book has a homeless man named Jack Curtis saving policewoman Amy Tom from a maniac after having a vision of Amy's death; Amy's attacker is later revealed to be a serial killer who was meant to murder six other people (representing the first five senses and a sixth) who Death begins targeting as Jack and Amy rush to find and warn the intended victims.[Novels 9] A tenth novel, subtitled Wipeout and written by Alex Johnson, was planned, but cancelled; the book would have featured a pair of surfers and several others, after surviving a plane crash in Hawaii, being hunted by Death and the survivor of another disaster, an unstable soldier who had nearly died in an ambush in Afghanistan. [Novels 10]

Comic books

The first Final Destination comic book, entitled Sacrifice, was published by Zenescope Entertainment and came packaged with a limited edition DVD of Final Destination 3 sold exclusively at Circuit City. The premise of the story involves the survivor of a terrible accident, who continually experiences images of other people's deaths, isolating himself from the rest of the world to escape the visions that torment him. Zenescope later released a five issue miniseries, subtitled Spring Break, which involves a group led by Carly Hagan being stalked by Death after surviving a hotel fire and becoming stranded in CancĂșn, Mexico.[2] The miniseries was later released in a trade paperback collection, which included the Sacrifice comic as bonus content.[3]


Box office performance

Sumber :

Film Release date Box office revenue Box office ranking Budget Reference
United States Foreign Worldwide All time domestic All time worldwide
Final Destination March 17, 2000 $53,331,147 $59,549,147 $112,880,294 #1,016
$23,000,000 [4]
Final Destination 2 January 31, 2003 $46,961,214 $43,465,191 $90,426,405 #1,185
$26,000,000 [5][6]
Final Destination 3 February 10, 2006 $54,098,051 $59,172,557 $113,270,608 #999
$25,000,000 [7]
The Final Destination August 28, 2009 $66,477,700 $114,795,027 $181,272,727 #775
$40,000,000 [8]
Total $220,868,112 $276,981,922 $497,850,034


Critical reaction

Film↓ Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes
Cream of the Crop
Metacritic↓ Yahoo! Movies↓
Final Destination 31% (85 reviews)[9] 25% (20 reviews)[10] 36 (28 reviews)[11]
Final Destination 2 47% (106 reviews)[12] 32% (22 reviews)[13] 38 (25 reviews)[14] C (14 reviews)[15]
Final Destination 3 44% (112 reviews)[16] 33% (24 reviews)[17] 41 (28 reviews)[18] C (12 reviews)[19]
The Final Destination 27% (88 reviews)[20] 0% (8 reviews)[21] 30 (14 reviews)[22] D+ (8 reviews)[23]

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